Stop. Look. Remember.

God might just be making beauty from ashes, refashioning a gift out of a deep injury to my soul. This morning on our walk, Jim and I talked about our dawning realization that our energies and capacity for looking outward are returning, after several years of crisis and trauma related to our daughter Jackie’s health. … Continue reading Stop. Look. Remember.

Return of Joy

“For a long season, O Lord,I considered as an impossibilitywhat I now know as unshakeable truth: That after loss, pain, tragedy, tears,sorrow, doubt, defeat, and disarray,I will hold a more costly and precious joythan any I have held before;and this not in denial of my loss,but manifest in the very wreckage of it.” from “A… Continue reading Return of Joy

Something Wildly More

One of my favorite writers, Marilynne Robinson, once said in an interview with Bill Moyers that human beings “exist wildly in excess of any sort of survival mode that could be posited for them.” She said that if you use animal behavior as a model or correlation to human behavior, “you’ve simply excluded everything that… Continue reading Something Wildly More